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What is a cookie? A cookie is a file that is placed on your computer or other computer devices. It makes it possible to recognize your computer and gather information about the pages and functions that you use in your browser. However, cookies cannot identify who you are, your name, where you live or whether your computer is used by one or several people, and it cannot spread computer vira or other malware.

Cookies for statistics

We use cookies to gather statistics and improve user-friendliness. The information in the statistics is anonymous and will not be linked to the individual user.

If, at a later stage, you no longer wish us to gather information about your usage of the website, you can disable cookies yourself. Please follow the guidance below.

We use a cookie to remember your rejection. If you wish to avoid cookies altogether, you should disable cookies in your browser.

Cookie from Google Analytics

We use cookies from Google Analytics to measure traffic on the website.

You can reject cookies from Google Analytics here:

Cookie from Google Adwords

We use cookies for conversion tracking in Google Adwords. Conversion data can not be matched with specific visitors, and these cookies are only valid for a limited time period.

How to delete or block cookies

You can delete or block cookies by changing the settings in your browser. Below you will find a brief guide to the four most popular browsers. For further information we recommend that you visit the websites of the individual browsers. If you use more than one browser, you must delete cookies in all of them.

Internet Explorer

To delete cookies you go to Functions -> Internet Options -> the tab General -> click on the button Delete -> Cookies-> Delete.

To block cookies you go to Functions -> Internet Options -> Protection of personal data -> move the slider to the top. Then you block all cookies. -> Click OK.

Google Chrome

To delete cookies you click on -> Tools -> Delete browsing data -> Delete cookies and other website data -> Clear browsing data.

To block cookies you click on -> Settings -> View advanced settings -> Settings for content -> Click on “Always block websites from storing data” and tick off “Block third party cookies and website data” -> OK.

Apple Safari

To delete cookies you click on -> Settings -> Security -> click on “View cookies”. Here, you can either delete cookies from one domain or delete all cookies.

To block cookies you click on -> Settings -> Security -> under “Accept cookies” you select “Never”.

Mozilla Firefox

To delete cookies you go to Functions -> Settings -> Privacy -> Delete individual cookies or clear your history.

To block cookies you go to Functions -> Settings -> Privacy -> in the drop down menu under history and select “Use customized settings for history” -> tick off “Always use private browsing mode” and remove the tick in “Accept cookies from websites”.